how it works

With on-demand conference rooms, you do not have to worry about any fixed monthly charges. Simply pay for what you use. Sign up and receive 300 free user-minutes. If you need more, simply recharge your user-minutes with an additional block using your credit card.

It’s that simple!

Your user-minutes will be deducted automatically from your account when you are in the room. Each participant in the room counts as a user. There are no sign-up costs, no obligation, and no yearly contracts. You can simply stop using your room any time you wish. 
Note: Rooms that are not used for 6 months will be deleted and you will need to re-sign up for a new room.

Sign up right now and begin using your room immediately. Use your free 300 user-minutes to test it out. We are convinced that you will be impressed and begin using Talking Communities for all your on-line collaboration needs.

Examples of 300 user-minutes use:

  • 3 participants in the room for about 100 minutes
  • 5 participants in the room for about 60 minutes
  • 10 participants in the room for about 30 minutes

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