More than anyone in the world, the software developers are continually urged to know the latest technologies in the world. Technology is regularly being updated, and whenever something new comes up, these developers jump right into it. Many developer tools are now available across the internet. Most of these developer tools are considerably helpful for software developers, and it helps them in improving their performance and productivity.

 Software Developers

The following are some of the best tools for software developers:

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin which provides a simple to use interface this allows you to insert shortcodes, images


PHP is an opensource set of code which many websites are developed on it is an extremely fast and easy code base. You can easily get developer which strong experience in this platform. PHP is one of the best open sources for developers, and it provides a solution to many problems.

Source Control:

A software developer is usually aware of what a what source control management is, and what source control system means. You can find many source control systems like svn, git, TFS, perforce, etc. When you need some people to work on the project, and you happen to have a private repo for free, then you can use BitBucket as it offers private repos for free up to five developers.


It provides you a software containerization platform which allows you to package your software or application in a filesystem. Docker can be executed and moved anywhere. You will have everything you want to run, like system libraries, codes, etc. and it is not dependent on its environment. Dockers are very efficient, and as they are platform independent, they can run on any infrastructure or any computer or cloud.


Bootstrap is an excellent developers tool, and even in the year 2017, many developers are fond of Bootstrap. The studio helps a developer to create some of the best websites. If you want to start a web project, you must use a UI kit to increase the speed of the development process. The bootstrap desktop application comes with lots of built-in components, and you can drag and drop them and assemble the responsive web pages. Bootstrap also has custom JavaScript controls such as tooltips, carousel, and modal windows.


BitBucket is a great code repository. The developers can store their code and also share the code for a more dynamic and collaborative work. All developers continuously worry about losing their code and tend to have a back up of their work in they could, so that if they happen to lose the current one, they can use the code that is stored in the cloud.


Jira helps a lot when it comes to managing a project. It helps agile teams to track, plan and release software. Jira has some great features, and it provides specific tools for every phase of development. Jira is also very customizable, and from one place you will be able to manage the backlog of the team and analyze the work that is in progress.